What Happens in Therapy?

Initially I will conduct an assessment with you. During this time you are able to tell me what you have been experiencing. During your session we can discuss your goals, what you want to gain from coming to therapy and I will give you an estimation of how many sessions may be required to meet your long term goal. Most cognitive behavioral therapy averages between 6 and 12 sessions. Initially people come in on a weekly basis, later sessions are spaced out.

Types of Therapy:


 Art and Sand Play Therapy
-  Interpersonal Therapy
-  Client Centered Therapy
-  Cognitive Behavior Therapy
-  Hakomi
-  Motivational Interviewing
-  Relaxation Strategies
-  Solution Focused Therapy

Client Records:

With your written consent a short written communication to your treating physician and / or General Practitioner that explains the issues explored and the treatment provided.
Client records are kept locked and confidential. Under no circumstances would your records be released to any individual without your written authority.
Exceptions include risk of harm to yourself or others, mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse, a notarised subpoena from a court to supply information. Even in these events you would be contacted first.